My Favorite Outfit *Christmas Eve Edition* featuring YesStyle.Com!

Hello everyone! Christmas is tomorrow and I think Christmas and New Year’s are when I wear my most favorite outfits. As you all know, I am all about comfort rather than impressing and that is the most important part of today’s post. I love bold prints and bold colors and YesStyle.Com has just the fashionable pieces I am looking for. So, why don’t we start?

a0074318909ac1135df9dca07c886248_media_900x506_zpsdff12ab9-1_zps7a0058d7So, first off…all the items are from YesStyle’s Ready to Ship Section. I prefer the ready to ship section simply because it doesn’t take long to ship and arrive in good time! So I highly suggest this section if you want your items quick, fast, and in a hurry. Also, all the items I choose will have be hyperlinked so you can take a look for yourself! So, I hope you all enjoy my picks and feel free to share your favorite outfits as well~!!

L_g0022214812_zpse0aa622cI am absolutely in love with these top! It is the 59 Seconds Pocket Detail Pullover and I think it is freakin’ adorable. I love the colors and just the fun vibe this top gives. As you all know, I love pullovers; they are comfy and make an outfit cute and casual and this top does exactly that. It is only $16.80 too, so it is incredibly affordable. It might not be very Christmas-y, but it screams PARTAY! (I am actually going to order this tonight…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MYSELF!)

L_g0023271042_zpse38d735eGoing along with our playful theme, we have Kiwi Shop Star-Accented Washed Skinny Jeans. I think stars are quite popular during Christmas time…in fact my neighbor has shooting stars in their yard for Christmas. The minute I saw these jeans, I immediately thought perfect for a cute Christmas outfit! And for $36.00, it is reasonably priced for an overseas item. I personally thing this will go well with the top above without making the outfit too busy. What do you think?

Untitled_zps664d7c78-1_zps540bd4a0I believe that boots are perfect for Winter…especially here in Virginia. I prefer booties because I find them more comfortable and easier to remove after a long day. These are Smoothie Faux-Leather Boots. These actually look like a pair I had purchased from Payless not too long ago, so if they are anything like the pair I have…I would highly recommend them. For the shoes, I really wanted booties but keeping them plain was my main focus. Because we have such a busy top and bottom, the shoes should be a little plain to give it kind of a balance. These shoes are only $36.00 on YesStyle, so I would honestly pick them up if I were you.

bag_zps2be153c7-1_zps9c0f9f68I don’t know about you guys, but I am at two places for Christmas. I have my home in the morning and then Anthony’s home in the evening. Most of you probably don’t worry about a bag for Christmas, but since I have to drive and travel, I think about my bag. I tend to stick with rather simple bags such as Smoothie Tasseled Shoulder Bag. I like bags that can go with any outfit and this bag is simple and black…it’s perfect. It’s also big enough for all the things I carry which is a lot. It comes with the two straps shown along with a longer strap for your shoulder. What I really like about it is that it is not BULKY. It won’t take away from your outfit. I can guarantee that. Plus, it’s only $43.20. Good bags normally cost mucho more than that, so this is a pretty good steal in my opinion. And Smoothie products are always cute.

scarf_zps26124a45-1_zps04c8c602Last, but not least; We need a POP of color! Since we have a lot of black with this outfit we need something to give it a pop. I chose a yellow circle scarf because one of the pockets on the shirt is yellow. The scarf is BAIMOMO Knit Circle Scarf and costs $13.50, so for an import…it is reasonably priced! It is a simple addition to an outfit, but makes it stand out in a crowd.

ALRIGHTY EVERYONE! That is my favorite outfit featuring pieces from YesStyle! Please note that all pictures are from YesStyle.Com and belong to their respected brands. I had so much fun with this post and I hope to do it again soon. And I apologize for taking so long to post this! My internet has been crazy and my photo editor was a big fail as well…so it took me longer than expected. BUT I love YesStyle and I wanted to get this done…so I did! Anyways,  I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I will do a “End of the Year” Post for you all, so be on the look out.

tumblr_mfk4l1YQNa1qa95aho1_500_zpsac83945dI love you all. Thanks for your love and support this year. I hope your Christmas is amazing and your Holiday season is blessed. Take care everyone, be safe, and have an amazing holiday!!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


‘Tis The Season For Christmas Beauty Recipes!

Hello everyone! I am so happy to announce that I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 4S. I have finally moved up in the technology department. I was thinking about getting the iPhone 5, but Anthony’s cousin who works for a phone service provider said that he has had more people come in returning it and going back to the 4S. He even had the opportunity to upgrade, but chose to stay with his 4S…so I think I made a rather good decision. Plus, it already has the iOS 6 upgrade, so I’m good. I personally love the phone and I have seen Apple’s customer service in action and I don’t think I will really have a problem. Anyways, today I want to share some Christmas themed beauty recipes. Honestly, I get excited about Christmas…but not for the presents! (Mostly because I never know what to ask for…) I get excited for the Christmas themed scents and candles along with Christmas theme beauty supplies and recipes! So, what are some recipes I am dying to try?

article-new_ehow_images_a05_pm_bm_christmas-gifts-school-friends-1_1-800x800_zpsc9173a53I love Christmas themed beauty recipes! You can make them for your self or gather the ingredients and create a cute DIY gift. I highly encourage you all to use these recipes to your benefit and send them out with love!

tumblr_mf1r3pje4P1ri5y8yo1_500_zpsed12fe77I am so thrilled to try this because I can just imagine how good it will smell and great of an exfoliator it will be. The ingredients are relatively easy to find…but the overall process is so simple!
1 Teaspoon of Cocoa Powder
3/4 Cup of Brown Sugar
2 Drops of Ginger Essential Oil
1 Tablespoon of Jojoba Oil
1 Teaspoon of Freshly Grated Ginger
Throw these ingredients into a bowl and mix until it is completely combined. Afterwords, go ahead and take a shower! This recipe is meant to be an exfoliator, so your skin will be nice and smooth along with smelling freakin’ delicious! After you rinse off with warm water, pat yourself dry and enjoy smelling yourself for the rest of the day or night!!

tumblr_mf07c8SHJz1qjf6ruo1_500_zps3d7175c4-1_zps9f9a0aa4This is actually a great gift to put in a cute mason jar with a hand-made label! This recipe comes from a very cute blog, FreutCake.Com. If you want your feet looking great for Spring and Summer, try this great exfoliator out:
1 Cup of Coarse Sea Salt
1/2 Cup of Sweet Almond Oil
2 Teaspoons of Lemon Zest
8 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
Like above, all you have to do is mix together in a bowl until it is combined completely and then apply the rub onto your wet feet with your hands or a pumice stone. Once you’re satisfied, go ahead and rinse off with warm water, dry, and then apply your favorite lotion. The author also mentions that there is no preservatives in the scrub, so be sure to use within a couple weeks or store in a clean jar in a refridgerator. Very simple and a very DIY gift!

Cranberries_zps1b147262I don’t know about you all, but I like cranberries year round! However, I notice they seem more popular around Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I guess this is rather fitting in a sense! The follow recipe was found on Beautylish which I still recommend by the way.  It requires a bit more work than the other two, but it sounds like it would be well worth it seeing as how the creator of the recipe is the co-owner of Arcona skincare…just saying!
1/2 Teaspoon of Bentonite Clay (Available at Health/Food Stores)
1 Teaspoon of Organic Yogurt
1 Teaspoon of Raw Honey
1/2 Cup of Fresh Cranberries (Blended to Pulp)
1/4 Cup of Natural Cranberry Juice
The hardest part of this recipe is really just finding the bentonite clay and blending the cranberries. After all the ingredients are prepared, go ahead and put all the items together in a bowl and mix well. Once everything is mixed, go ahead and wash your face then apply a thick layer of the mask. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off with cold water and apply a light moisturizer, which is when I suggest Simple Skincare’s Hydrating Light Moisturizer.

Alrighty everyone…one more recipe which is from YouTuber/Blogger, AprilAthena7! This is her DIY Strawberry Jello Lip Balm Recipe!

So, that is all I have for you all today! I hope you all enjoyed this post and try the recipes out…I know I will. One last thing, as most of you probably know…earlier today there was a horrific massacre in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School where 20 children were killed along with 7 adults, including the shooter behind the incident. I just ask you all to keep the families and friends affected by the shooting in your prayers and remember to not take a single day for granted.  I hope you all have a fantastic and safe weekend. Take care and stay blessed.
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae

SimplyMe: Charleston – Allergies & An Anniversary

Hello darlings! I am finally back from Charleston and it feels good to be home. Honestly, I have missed my precious blog and readers so very much. Now that I am back, I am so excited to start really putting everything I have into SimplyTaylorRae. When I say this, I mean more videos and posts along with extreme marketing and promoting. I have created a brand new YouTube account, SimplyTaylorRae. I am hoping to become a YouTube Partner with this account in hopes that I can bring you all better videos and also gain a tad bit more income so I can do giveaways and what not. So, please subscribe to SimplyTaylorRae on YouTube! My other account, TaylorRae319, will be used as my vlogging account. I am also hoping to have business cards and other supplies soon. EXCITEMENT IS RINGING AT THE DOOR. I don’t know what happened, but on my vacation I went crazy with ideas and this is what happens…ANYWAYS. Let’s talk about Charleston~.
DSC00593Ah, Charleston. It’s a shame…the moment I arrived at my grandmother’s house, my allergies began acting up and my sinuses were just as bad. I should’ve known…it happens every time. But, we got there and my grandma had spaghetti cooking and oh my gosh, it felt good to out of a car. It is a terrible 7.5 hours worth of driving. Well, our first day in South Carolina, we went around looking at prices for the iPad mini since Anthony wanted one for Christmas. We were bummed out when we discovered that Apple was completely out of stock of the 16gb iPad minis. So, we decided to call it day to discuss our options. However, after shopping we made our way to California Dreaming. If you don’t know what California Dreaming is, it is a freakin’ amazing restaurant. It means a lot to me too because that is where my parents had their very first date. So, we found it appropriate to spend our anniversary there.

DSC00545The dinner was amazing and I darn near cried when I had the croissant. T’was beautiful. But, moving along, we pretty much spent most of our time Christmas shopping at North Woods Mall and Rivers Avenue. We also got a chance to go downtown to South Carolina Aquarium and meet up with one of my old friends from high school! It had been about 4 years since I’ve seen her, so it was certainly refreshing and very enjoyable. Along with that, we went to our first South Carolina Stingrays hockey game which was a blast because I “Gangnam Styled” my way onto their big screen like a champ with no shame. And poor Anthony sat there embarrassed. I cannot help it. PSY has done something to my legs where everything I hear his song, I automatically drop everything and start dancing. Curse him. But, in shorter terms, we had a fantastic and relaxing time in Charleston! Unfortunately, right not my vlog will not upload on YouTube, but the minute it does, I will post it up and keep you all updated. UPDATE: The vlog is now up (after waiting 3 hours…)!!!

Anyways, thanks everyone for being patient with me when it came to posting and what not. I am going to be on a roll here soon so watch out! Also, 12 days until Christmas!! Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I FINALLY DID MUAHAHAHA. Oh, if you want to see more photos from my trip, be sure to follow me on Instagram: @TaylorRae319!! Ahh! It is 2:30am…I suppose it is time for bed. Good night everyone, have a fantastic day, take care, and stay blessed.
Thanks for reading~<3
With love,
Taylor Rae