SimplyMe: Thanks on Thanksgiving

Hello everyone! Yes, I know, this is an early Thanksgiving post. Unfortunately, I am going to be extremely busy until actual Thanksgiving because I work in retail and Thanksgiving just so happens to be our busiest time on the year. Also, I have to finish up some last minute details and what not for mine and Anthony’s trip to Charleston! 13 more days everyone! I am so thrilled to be getting out of Virginia…even though I went to Israel in May. That’s beside the point. I love Virginia, don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing to really do. Everything is in DC or Maryland. So getting away from the boring city me and Anthony reside in sounds amazing. Anyways, let us get back on point…NOPE! I can kind of want to do a RANDOM POST today since the stupid website I edit my photos on is a big freakin’ fail tonight. Argh. SO LAME! But I have been addicted to music lately. Specifically VOCALOID music. Like Hatsune Miku with livetune or Supercell. And of course, Utada Hikaru’s first song since her hiatus last year: 「桜流し」(Sakura Nagashi) is so freakin’ beautiful and IT’S NOT IN THE US ITUNES STORE YET! NEITHER IS RYO(SUPERCELL) FEATURING HATSUNE MIKU’S SONG “ODDS & ENDS”!! Curse you America. Don’t you know good Jpop?  I think my inner Otaku has finally revealed itself because I have been watching more anime and reading manga again. I THOUGHT I WAS PAST THIS STAGE!! Nope. I have been addicted to the renewed Sailor Moon manga series since I heard the anime version will be making its way back in 2013. So, I went out and bought the manga…and IT IS AWESOME. The plot moves so much faster and Chibi Moon is less annoying. So is Rei.

Moving on…So in case you haven’t been on my twitter or tumblr or instagram…I decided to dye the blonde parts of my hair pink. Funny thing is, IT’S ALREADY FADED OUT. Which is okay, because it is fading to platinum but still. It didn’t even last a week…but I also ended up getting my nails done for mine and Anthony’s anniversary. My mom took me out and told me that one it will help with my anxiety because I bite my nails when I get anxious. So I ended up getting acrylic nails with a nude polish from essie alongwith white polkadots on 3 of my fingers. The lady looked at me funny when I told her I didn’t want all ten fingers with polkadots. I told her that I do not like consistant designs when it comes to nails. I like it to be simply yet a hint of spontaneousness. She was just like “Ooookay, whatever.” I am pretty happy with the design but my mom said she’d rather go to her regular place next time, haha. I may get them redone depending on how these end up before my anniversary. But yeah, that is the biggest thing that has happened. I am lame.

FINALLY ON TO THANKSGIVING RELATED STUFF!!! So, I don’t know what you all do for Thanksgiving in ways of tradition. My family tends to stay in and enjoy time together especially since this year my brother is coming home for the holiday. We deep fry a turkey, bake a ham, and we always without fail make green bean cassarole. This year I think we are going to make homemade pumpkin and sweet potato pie and my brother is going to make something vegan! And this year, Anthony will probably come over too. My big thing is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and preparing for the Christmas movies that will be thrown in our faces! Although I do love the old clay-mation Christmas videos…and the Spongebob Christmas specials. Oh gosh. But I want to share with you guys some things I am thankful for…

1. I am incredibly thankful for my Family. They are my backbone. They are my support. They hold me up when everything is tumbling down. They have done so much for me and I am so incredibly grateful for everything they do and everything they put up with…because I am probably the most annoying child especially when I Gangnam Style them in a parking lot or Shin Chan’s butt dance. They really do have patience, haha. And they love me unconditionally as I do them.

2. I am most definitely thankful for Anthony. He really does have a ton of patience even though he denies it. I am a stubborn person at times and I can be annoying especially when I wake him up in the morning by screaming his name and kissing his face. (He hates his face being touched when he wakes up.) He spoils me and doesn’t expect anything back in return, even though I do try to spoil him when I can…I make a bit less than him. He will do anything in his power to make me smile…except lose at Bubble Galaxy. He supports me and encourages me to continue with SimplyTaylorRae.Com and my singing. He lets me be myself, pink hair and all. He knows I am simple and he appreciates that. I am so thankful for him and his love.

3. I am thankful for my job. I have been at my job for almost two years now and it has certainly helped me in many ways. I finally own a car and can pay for the gas and repairs when necessary, I am able to buy things for my family and Anthony, I am able to go on trips, and I am able to save for my future. Plus it is a federal job for DOD, so I have made a mark and can only climb up. Plus it is pretty awesome that my dad can drop by and see me…and maybe buy me lunch from time to time.

4. I am thankful for a roof over my head. I try not to take what I have for granted, because there are people affected by homelessness. Every time I see someone on the street without a place to sleep or to eat or to feel comfortable…it truly breaks my heart. Some people say I am too compassionate, but that is who I am. So, I am thankful for my possessions, for the home my parents provide, for my meals, and everything else a home provides. Especially the comfort of my bed.

5. I am thankful for my voice. You all know I love to sing. Singing has helped me with so much in my life. It takes me to an entirely new place in this world that is for me only. It makes me feel secure and…beautiful. It’s wierd, but I don’t care about my insecurities when I am singing and it’s as if it disappears the moment I begin. I could stay up all night singing songs and my heart would be at peace and my mind would be cleared. It is something that keeps me together. And for that, I am beyond thankful.

Alright everyone! As I said, I am sorry that I could put pictures! My photo editor is being super lame, but I hope you all enjoyed this post regardless. Hopefully after Thanksgiving I will have time to post before me and Anthony leave for Charleston…OOOH MAYBE A LOOK BOOK!!! 🙂 Sounds good to me, personally. I hope you all have a great and safe weekend. And I especially hope you all have an amazing and blessed Thanksgiving. Don’t take anything for granted.
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


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