Taylor Rae’s Favorite Fall 2012 Accessories

Hello ladies! It has been such a wonderful day. My mom is finally home after being away for 5 months and you cannot believe how much I’ve missed her. My mom and I have our differences, but whenever we are together we manage to find ways to make each other laugh. Today she was mentioning how her face was breaking out so I gave her some facial sheet masks that will rehydrate her skin, brighten it, and make it appear much healthier and help with some unwanted acne. I also gave her some brightening patches for her dark circles. Hopefully, she’ll enjoy them and put them to good use! I also managed to show her “Gangnam Style” by PSY and showed her how to do the “Horse Dance” featured in the video. She found it so amusing to watch me that she didn’t even learn. -___- Laughing at my expense seems to be popular in this household, haha! Anyways, today I want to talk about some accessory trends that I am ADORING this season. And quite honestly, I am on the hunt. Because my anniversary is soon! >:) MUAHAHAHA.

Can I just first mention how much I love her nails? Anyways, I am in love with statement rings. Big and bold seems to be in for the season. I personally think they add a bit of a warm touch to an outfit. I am currently hunting some down on YesStyle and Forever21 for mad cheap prices. I would love to wear some of these bold rings on my anniversary to add a touch to my dress since I don’t wear bulky necklaces and I’ll be wearing a blazer so I won’t be wearing bulky bracelets. It’ll add the right touch without overdoing it.

This is probably the greatest accessory for the fall and winter. Brown bags add a great neutral tone to an outfit. They are easy to find and go with close to any outfit. They also add a very vintage-like touch to an outfit as well. I would probably pair a brown bag with my brown oxfords! It’s the little accessories that create the outfit and bags are a huge part, so try to indulge in a nice brown bag. I know I will!!!

Ah, my favorite accessory of the season! I am in love with chunky and thick scarves. They rock my socks big time. To be honest, the weather is getting down to the 50s through the 30s, so scarves have been neccessary just to keep warm. But the one thing I love about scarves is that they make any casual outfit just a bit more cosier and cuter. Best believe that scarves will be my main accessory in Charleston.

Anyways, that is all I have for you all today! My bronchitis has been improving. I still have a terrible cough, but the fevers are gone and the mucus is also gone!! But 22 more days until mine and Anthony’s anniversary trip to Charleston. I am so excited. I’ve missed Charleston since the last time I visited in 2010 and I am so excited to show Anthony the places I loved and restaurants I enjoyed. Just the thought of being away from the stress of work and other issues sounds so amazing. Plus I will get to spend each day with the love of my life and that sounds pretty fantastic to me, honestly. But anyways, don’t stray too long. I will be posting again tonight since I have been so sick recently! I hope you all enjoyed this post and see you all in a little bit!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


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