SimplyMe: Coughing & DayDreaming?

Hello everyone! What a crazy week it has been. Hurricane Sandy made its landfall on the eastcoast earlier this week. Luckily, the military base I work at was on code red so I didn’t have to go to work for two days! But instead of taking those days to really do things I wanted to do, I was suffering with bronchitis and now I am left with the final stages and a lost voice. I tried to work today, but was unable to continue because I kept coughing and my customers would look at me with a wierd look when I talked. I find it funny, my doctor said I should be good to go for work today with the antibiotics, but that didn’t seem to happen. Oh well. My supervisor was very understanding and was even surprised I would come in. So, I have been resting all week and luckily I have tomorrow and Saturday off! Speaking of Saturday, my mother comes home! She has been gone for 5 months, so seeing her will be a breath of fresh air.

In other news…it is officially NOVEMBER! I’d talk about Halloween, but I spent mine at the doctor’s and passed out due to antibiotics. Anyways, the official countdown to mine & Anthony’s anniversary vacation is a go! We leave on the 30th, so 29 more days baby! I can’t wait to see my family and show Anthony my roots. Although no one believes I am from South Carolina because I lack a southern accent…but they obviously have not seen the way I devour boiled peanuts. If you don’t know what boiled peanuts are, they are a huge thing in SC. My parents and grandmother would buy me boiled peanuts whenever we went to the flea market where my grandmother would sell her look-alike dolls. They are so nostalgic to me and so delicious. Oh my gosh, my mouth is watering at the thought! 29 MORE DAYS. PLEASE COME FASTER.

So, because of my bronchitis…I have been at home. On the couch. With full control over a TV. And what does that lead to in my case? TLC BABY! I have an addiction to “Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta” and “Four Weddings” and “Say Yes To The Dress: Bridemaids” and I have been able to watch them with no interruption and it has led to some crazy daydreaming on my part that I am sure would freak Anthony out. I have been going crazy on Tumblr with wedding pictures, wedding cake pictures, engagement pictures and LINDY FROM BUBZBEAUTY IS NOT HELPING! She showed her pre-wedding pictures that her and her fiance’ took in Seoul and OH MY GOSH they are so freakin’ gorgeous. I saw them and her vlog and I started going on the Tumblr rampage. Is this normal for people? I know some of my friends talk about how they’ve been planning their wedding since they were little and I’m just sitting here like “Yeah, that phase is just now happening for me.” One day, I’ll be able to make my wedding dreams come true!

{Picture Removed by Request of Owner}

Also, for the past year I have been daydreaming about moving into an apartment downtown. I constantly look up interior decorations and wall decals and it’s driving me insane that I have to continue to wait in order to make this dream come true. But I know that I want a very simple look. White would be my main color because it is a very soothing color to me and because it’s easier to see dust, it would help me figure out when to clean. Plus, EVERY COLOR GOES WITH WHITE. So my secondary color would probably be a neutral color, so as not to be too destracting. And lots of floral details. I love floral print. I can’t help it, but Anthony says it’s the old woman in me. As long as the place looks good, I’ll be 19 going on 80.

But yes, this has pretty much been my entire weekend. Hopefully, once November starts picking up and I get over this bronchitis I’ll be able to talk about much more. I must say, I am not too interesting especially when I’m sick. But, I am happy to share some personal stuff with you guys! I hope you all enjoyed this post even though it was a tad short. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter & Instagram @TaylorRae319 and Tumblr @SimplyTaylorRae! Have a fantastic weekend everyone and to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, especially those in NY and NJ, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong.
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


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