Fashion & Travel Ideas for Our Anniversary Trip…

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a bit more on the personal side simply because it deals with my ideas for mine and Anthony’s trip to Charleston. So, I want to show you my ideas of romantic places to visit/eat at and romantic and cute fashion ideas for fall/winter that I could incorporate into my trip. Me and Anthony are so excited to be getting away from our jobs and the hustle and bustle of Virginia and he is happy that he finally gets to meet the Hispanic side of my family. Plus, he gets to see the town I am from and this will be his first time visiting South Carolina! So I am excited to show him my roots (even though I am a military child who moved alot…) and experience another year with him! So…LET’S GET STARTED!!! Rawr..

Rainbow Row is one of my favorite sites in Charleston. The houses are so incredibly cute with their colors and elegant with their architecture. It’s actually quite romantic because they actually have horse carriages in this area that take you up and down Rainbow Row. Although it is something that is preferred during the day so you can actually see the color of the houses…ha!

Mercato is an Italian restaurant in Historical DownTown Charleston. I actually visited this restaurant 2 years ago while visiting my grandmother for a couple weeks. My mom had actually came down to pick me up (since I lacked a car at the time…) and so she, I, and my grandmother came here for a nice dinner and it is just beautiful. The food was actually magnificent and if you dine on the 1st floor, you actually witness the cooks preparing your food which is quite beautiful to me, but we actually ate on the 2nd floor which overlooks DownTown Charleston and its beauty. I really want to take Anthony here because he likes Italian food and it is the perfect spot for a romantic evening!

My dad actually mentioned this to me when I told him about the trip. The Battery is a wall around the shore of DownTown Charleston and it actually has some really beautiful scenery. There are a couple gazebos that people love to propose in, but I’m mostly in it for the beautiful architecture of the civil war era buildings. Most of the buildings are white and overlooking the sea. So lovely in my opinion. And while I’m at it, I might as well add how much I love DownTown Charleston and how much time I want to spend there!

There are more places, but I am afraid that this post would be a bit lengthy so I am just going to move on to the fashion portion of the post…

Oh yes! You guys should know by know how much I love sweaters, hoodies, pullovers! OH THE GALORE! I plan on wearing plenty of sweaters since the weather in Charleston is about 10 degrees higher than Virginia. So, it won’t be snow weather, but it should still be a bit chilly. Plus, sweaters are cute for dates and can make anything casual and adorable!

Oh yes. Unless you’ve seen or follow me on Instagram, you guys are probably not aware of the fact that I freakin’ love oxfords. They are so comfy and add a vintage flare to any outfit. They are so versatile too! They can go with dresses, slacks, and even cool and casual. I will be bringing my favorite oxfords to Charleston and they will be seeing great action.

Cardigans!!! Who doesn’t love cardigans? They are perfect for all weather types and they are super comfy to me! I love wearing cropped cardigans, long cardigans, oversized cardigans…ahhhh! So you will definitely be burdened with photos of either me in cardigans or me buying cardigans…because I can. Muahahaha. But yes, I am trying to find a cute oversized cardigan to wear on the actual anniversary date because I have been planning a cute outfit for a while. IT MUST HAPPEN. I know Aeropostale had some freakin’ cute knitted cardigans back when I was a freshman in high school…but I don’t think they’ve brought them back for a while. 😦 Well! I have some time to hit the mall/online and look. 🙂

Ah! After 2 days typing this up, I am finally done! I hope you guys enjoy this post although it is a tad bit more on the personal side I suppose? Let me know some ideas for a good anniversary outfit! I have 9 days to dress up cute for…so I need inspiration like crazy! Anyways, I hope you all have a great and safe weekend. Don’t do anything crazy and stay blessed~!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


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