My 5 Beauty Faves!

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for the delay in posts recently, I have had some family matters to attend to so add that in with work and I am physically and mentally exhausted. But, starting next week, I am going to be having a few more days off. So I will have more chances to rest up and just relax!!! But anyways, today’s post is about my top 5 beauty favorites that I have been using for ages. I don’t wear makeup, so these beauty faves are mostly hair care and skin care products. So…why don’t we begin?

These are products that I have been using for a while now and I have purchased with my own money, so it is not a sponsored post whatsoever. My feelings of these products are solely based on my own opinion and no one else’s. Just a disclaimer, I suppose. 🙂 I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of each item individually, so this picture is the only one for tonight! I’m sorry! But I will go in order from left to right, if that helps!

#1 – TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Protectant Spray
I have always had hair that curls upward at the bottom, so I use a blow dryer and straightener at least twice a week. If not, my hair is up in a tiny bun. But, since I use heat tools often when styling my hair, I found it important to protect it from losing moisture and becoming frail and lacking. Out of the two thermal sprays I have tried, this spray actually keeps my hair straight. I could put my hair into a bun for HOURS and once I take it out, it still remains straight. Plus…my hair smells like it has been to the salon every time. That’s always a nice plus.

#2 – Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
This lotion actually has natural colloidal oatmeal and is fragrance free. For me, this is perfect because I tend to get eczema on my shins and my skin is so sensitive. This lotion has done wonders for me, my skin feels soft and smooth but not oily or waxy like it does with bath and body works lotions. I highly recommend this product especially now since we’re getting into the dry and icy season! Go on. Go buy it. You know you wanna.

#3 – St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub
I have been using this facial scrub for well over a year now and for 99% of the time and it is amazing. Although I do suffer from some inflammation time to time due to allergies, this scrub has honestly transformed my skin. I owe a lot to this product and I highly recommend it if you struggle with finding a cleanser that is gentle enough and smells great. It is hypoallergenic so it is perfect for all skin types.

#4 – KAO Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Cleanser
I actually bought this product on Amazon for about $12 since it’s imported. Honestly, this is a great choice for night time cleansers (although it isn’t labeled as such…). It isn’t an exfoliater, but it makes your skin feel rejuvinated with the super tiny bubbles and it smells so yummy! It really does feel like marshmallows on your skin. I heard so much positive feedback on this item and I can tell you that it’s pretty darn true. And it does work on sensitive skin so far as I know.

#5 – Cettua My Bright Face Mate Brightening Patch
Last, but not least is one of two items I use to attack my dark circles. I bought these patches in Annandale earlier this year and boy…do they feel nice. All you do is take the patches and place them on your dark circles. They are nice and cold and so soothing. Although my dark circles are cleverly hidden behind my glasses, they still bother me from time to time! So, I just slap one of these bad boys on and BOOM my dark circles aren’t quite as dark and with that I am happy.

Alright everyone! I am hoping to post again on Monday since I have a heavy work schedule this weekend, but family matters are still in the air so I will not promise anything! I hope you understand. 😦 Anyways, have an amazing weekend everyone and stay blessed!!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae

P.S. Here’s a random picture from this past week! I hope you all enjoy…
This was taken at Belvedere Plantation in F’burg! We went for Anthony’s nieces’ birthday party and had a blast!


Milk & Beauty For You!

Hello everyone! So, for some odd reason…I have been interested in milk. I mean, I’m lactose intolerant so I haven’t been thinking about it in a food sort of way…but more of a beauty kind of way. I remember hearing stories of how Cleopatra would bathe in milk to keep her skin young and soft. I also remember watching a Shin-Chan episode where Shin’s mom buys too much milk and Shin and his dad use it in a bath! With that, I thought “Well, what else can Milk do?” So, I looked around the internet and here I am with 3 milk-based beauty recipes for you all! LET’S GO~!

So, what is it in milk that makes your skin so soft and supple? Milk provides a more moisturizing effect than water. Milk contains vitamins A and D along with minerals such as iron, calcium, and copper. These helps with developing healthier nails, hair, and what not. They say that you should have healthy skin and what not if you drink one glass of milk a day…but unfortunately there are those, such as myself, you are highly intolerant to the lactose sugar in milk. So, we’ll just stick to putting it in your DIY beauty products.

It feels like December is right around the corner! (Even though we have another month and a half…) And one of my favorite things about the Holiday season is Peppermint! I love the smell and taste of peppermint; it is always so nostalgic. It sounds odd to mix it with milk, right? Well, apparently, it is actually a phenomenal sensation for your senses and skin. For this recipe all you need is the following:
1 Cup of Milk
10 Drops of Peppermint Oil
1/2 Teaspoon of Vanilla
It’s a very simple recipe with a small amount of items necessary. So, once you’ve got all of your ingredients, combine them into a bowl and be sure to mix them well. After you mix them and are satisfied, set the bowl in the fridge for about 5 hours to ensure that vanilla and peppermint oil infuse with the milk. After fives hours, just grab a cottonball, dab it into the mixture and rub onto your faces for about 3 minutes. Afterwards, rinse off with lukewarm water and your skin will thank you! I am actually excited to try this and maybe pass this recipe onto my girlfriends!

You know, I thought this picture was pretty cute and romantic…plus I don’t know about you guys but I put lactaid in my hot chocolate. So…I thought it would work. BUT ANYWAYS! I feel like this is super appropriate for Valentine’s Day, but I mean I would probably just do this for the heck of it. I don’t take baths often, but if it incorporated chocolate, I’d probably bathe all the time. And luckily for us, the ingredients are super easy to find:
3 Cups of Whole Milk (or 2 Cups of Powdered Milk)
5 Tablespoons of Freshly Chopped Mint Leaves
3 Tablespoons of Raw Cacao Powder
1/2 Cup of Epsom Salt
1 Cup of Cornstarch
This recipe actually comes from a beauty community called Beautylish! They have so much information on beauty products and DIY beauty ideas. I am a huge fan 0f this website, so I highly recommend it to everyone. Anyways, all you have to do is mix all the ingredients in a bowl, fill up your tub until it’s about 75% full, pour the mixture in, then enjoy and relax for at least 20 minutes. Shoot, forget the romance! Just let me light some candles, put on some Kpop, and read a good book while bathing in this delicious mixture! (But that’s just me…)

If there is one ingredient I could devote my skin to, it has to be oatmeal. Oatmeal is a gentle exfoliant and is great for reducing inflammation especially for eczema-proned skin. So, you can tell how excited I am to come across this recipe; it is perfect for all skin types especially sensitive skin and the milk and honey will create the perfect moisturizer! All you need is:
3 Tablespoons of Finely Ground Oats
1 or 2 Teaspoons of Honey
2 Tablespoons of Whole Milk
Add your ingredients into a mixing bowl. Once in, stir and mix until the ingredients become a thick paste. Then go wash your face…everything works better with a clean face! After you wash your face, you apply the thick paste onto your skin and be sure to avoid your eyes. Let it sit until dry or sit for 15 minutes…whichever occurs first. Once dry, go ahead and rinse it off with lukewarm water and a washcloth. Then, pat dry with a towel. So simple. And sounds so soothing…ah! I cannot wait to try this!!!!

Alrighty! Well that wraps up this post for today! I am so excited that I got it done in one day and at a decent time. Because now I get to work on a new post tomorrow…because I promised myself 2 POSTS A WEEK! (Unless I am ill or on vacation.) So, tomorrow I will let you all know on Twitter what the main focus of the post will be. Speaking of Twitter, you can follow me there, on Youtube, and on Instagram @TaylorRae319! I also have a Tumblr where you can follow me @SimplyTaylorRae!

Ah, well good night world! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Take Care & Stay Blessed!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae

Fashion & Travel Ideas for Our Anniversary Trip…

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a bit more on the personal side simply because it deals with my ideas for mine and Anthony’s trip to Charleston. So, I want to show you my ideas of romantic places to visit/eat at and romantic and cute fashion ideas for fall/winter that I could incorporate into my trip. Me and Anthony are so excited to be getting away from our jobs and the hustle and bustle of Virginia and he is happy that he finally gets to meet the Hispanic side of my family. Plus, he gets to see the town I am from and this will be his first time visiting South Carolina! So I am excited to show him my roots (even though I am a military child who moved alot…) and experience another year with him! So…LET’S GET STARTED!!! Rawr..

Rainbow Row is one of my favorite sites in Charleston. The houses are so incredibly cute with their colors and elegant with their architecture. It’s actually quite romantic because they actually have horse carriages in this area that take you up and down Rainbow Row. Although it is something that is preferred during the day so you can actually see the color of the houses…ha!

Mercato is an Italian restaurant in Historical DownTown Charleston. I actually visited this restaurant 2 years ago while visiting my grandmother for a couple weeks. My mom had actually came down to pick me up (since I lacked a car at the time…) and so she, I, and my grandmother came here for a nice dinner and it is just beautiful. The food was actually magnificent and if you dine on the 1st floor, you actually witness the cooks preparing your food which is quite beautiful to me, but we actually ate on the 2nd floor which overlooks DownTown Charleston and its beauty. I really want to take Anthony here because he likes Italian food and it is the perfect spot for a romantic evening!

My dad actually mentioned this to me when I told him about the trip. The Battery is a wall around the shore of DownTown Charleston and it actually has some really beautiful scenery. There are a couple gazebos that people love to propose in, but I’m mostly in it for the beautiful architecture of the civil war era buildings. Most of the buildings are white and overlooking the sea. So lovely in my opinion. And while I’m at it, I might as well add how much I love DownTown Charleston and how much time I want to spend there!

There are more places, but I am afraid that this post would be a bit lengthy so I am just going to move on to the fashion portion of the post…

Oh yes! You guys should know by know how much I love sweaters, hoodies, pullovers! OH THE GALORE! I plan on wearing plenty of sweaters since the weather in Charleston is about 10 degrees higher than Virginia. So, it won’t be snow weather, but it should still be a bit chilly. Plus, sweaters are cute for dates and can make anything casual and adorable!

Oh yes. Unless you’ve seen or follow me on Instagram, you guys are probably not aware of the fact that I freakin’ love oxfords. They are so comfy and add a vintage flare to any outfit. They are so versatile too! They can go with dresses, slacks, and even cool and casual. I will be bringing my favorite oxfords to Charleston and they will be seeing great action.

Cardigans!!! Who doesn’t love cardigans? They are perfect for all weather types and they are super comfy to me! I love wearing cropped cardigans, long cardigans, oversized cardigans…ahhhh! So you will definitely be burdened with photos of either me in cardigans or me buying cardigans…because I can. Muahahaha. But yes, I am trying to find a cute oversized cardigan to wear on the actual anniversary date because I have been planning a cute outfit for a while. IT MUST HAPPEN. I know Aeropostale had some freakin’ cute knitted cardigans back when I was a freshman in high school…but I don’t think they’ve brought them back for a while. 😦 Well! I have some time to hit the mall/online and look. 🙂

Ah! After 2 days typing this up, I am finally done! I hope you guys enjoy this post although it is a tad bit more on the personal side I suppose? Let me know some ideas for a good anniversary outfit! I have 9 days to dress up cute for…so I need inspiration like crazy! Anyways, I hope you all have a great and safe weekend. Don’t do anything crazy and stay blessed~!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae

Ways To Relieve Stress!

Hello everyone! After a week of waiting, I’m back! I am so thrilled because I am finally over my flu! Hooray! I was trying everything to get over that stupid illness, but after I went through and removed the dust from my room and got a couple nights of good rest, I AM BACK~! Muahahaha. Anyways, today I want to talk to you all about something that I am sure all of you have gone through or are going through right now: stress. In our fast-paced society, it plagues us on a regular basis and can do some pretty bad damage to our bodies. So, what are things we can do to lower our stress levels and better ourselves?

So, why is stress so bad for us? Well, a small amount of stress is healthy. It can help motivate us or keep us on track and staying on a regular schedule. However, when the stress becomes so regular and overbearing, that is when it starts hurting us in more than one way. If you tend to stress a lot, it takes a lot of energy and a lot of our body’s resources. Stress causes our immune system to compromise and allows us to be more susceptible to colds, flus, and possibly other illnesses. Chronic stress does lead to severe anxiety and even depression, which is pretty bad in itself. I don’t know about you guys, but I do suffer severe stress and anxiety. Little things set me off into a frenzy within seconds and sometimes it causes me to have a nervous breakdown, BUT I am currently finding ways to relax and take better care of myself in those situations! So, what can we do to relieve stress?

Maybe this picture was a little…angrier than I had anticipated, but I assume you all get the picture? One way to get out your frustration or anxiety is to express yourself. Allow yourself to express you sadness, your anger, and your happiness is a healthy way. Talk to someone about what is stressing you out, because once it is off your chest, someone may have the perfect solution to your problem. I try to talk to Anthony or my father about what stresses me out and just being able to express why something is stressing me out is enough to make me feel better and releases a lot of pressure. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your family or friends, find a counselor, a member of your church, or a licensed professional to talk to so they can evaluate your stress and find a solution as well.

One thing I have so much trouble with is exercising. I absolutely dislike sweating and feeling sore. The only exercise I actually enjoy is zumba, but going is rare due to a busy work schedule now. But, I can absolutely stress how important it can be to exercise your body. When you stress, pressure and tension builds in certain areas of your body. Mine builds in my upper back and shoulders. In order to relieve the tension, you have to exercise and stretch. Plus, exercising releases “feel good” endorphines and take your mind away from the stress. If you don’t have time for a gym, one way to exercise is through cleaning. I do this a lot at home now and sometimes even at my job if we have an important person coming in. I’ve already loss some weight, so I can tell you personally it works. Also, exercising allows us to practice breathing exercises which help us relax as well! So, let’s exercise our bodies!

Yes, it is something so simple. Finding your hobby can help you relieve stress simply by moving your mind from being focused on the stress to being focused on something you actually enjoy. My hobby? Well, if you couldn’t tell already…it’s reading (and cooking/baking)! I love reading because it puts me in a another world and takes me away from a current situation. It is so comforting and it takes me on an adventure. Only problem is…I tend to finish books with a day or two. If I am really interested in a book, I will not put it down. It will stay in my hands until I am done with it or I pass out from sleep. Anyways, find something you enjoy doing and find time to do it. Being able to enjoy yourself instead of stressing will help you mentally and even physically is your hobby is doing something…physical. If you enjoy shopping, go ahead and shop (responsibly)! Do what you love! And don’t let stress get in your way of enjoying a day to yourself!

Ah, my favorite and the last thing I am going to mention on today’s post: NAPPING/SLEEPING! I’m only 19, but I feel like sleep is so important to me. I have to get at least 6-8 hours in order to function for the day. Sleep is so beneficial to the body and mind! Sleep can rejuvinate your body, your skin, and your mind. It is important to get a healthy amount of sleep when you are chronically stressed because you’re not reliving the stress day after day, minute after minute. It is a healthy getaway, if you ask me. You’re able to relax in your bed and just sleep it off! It seems ridiculous to some, but if I have had a stressful day, I always take a nap. Every Time. No joke. Just nap your stress away. That’s it.

Well, ladies and gents! I am so glad to have finally posted, although it took me a bit longer than expected because of spending quality time with my family tonight but I was able to get it done regardless, so I am happy! I hope you all are pleased and don’t be afraid to comment with things you do to help you relieve stress! I love to read and try some ideas~! Anyways, I have to get to bed so I can make it to work in the morning! Good night everyone!! And don’t forget to follow me on twitter, instagram, and youtube @taylorrae319 and tumblr @simplytaylorrae!!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae