Short Eyelashes? Let’s Lengthen Them!

Hello lovelies! I was supposed to do this post yesterday, but a family friend asked me to come over so she can teach me to make sweet yeast rolls…and quite honestly, I could not deny such a request~! So…we made yeast rolls and enjoyed “Cabin in the Woods” which was kind of lame, but it was with good company! ANYWAYS…today we are going to discuss something that I have always had a problem with: SHORT EYELASHES. I don’t know how this happened, but I am the only one out of my family to have short eyelashes. Even Anthony has long, beautiful eyelashes. Mine are short and even with mascara, they don’t really make my eyes pop like I would like them to. So, how do we fix such a problem on a budget? NATURALLY OF COURSE! Everyday items we tend to have in our house can help us achieve said eyelashes without having to buy these crazy products with multiple side effects! SAFETY FIRST! Let us begin…

So, what is it that makes up our eyelashes? Eyelashes are hair. That’s it! The same that come out on our eyebrows and the same that come out of our head. They help protect the eye from debris along providing a warning that something is about to poke you in the eye. They also can help make your eyes POP! when taken care of. So, if we have short lashes, how do we lengthen them? Well, here are a few natural methods to help lengthen your lashes!

Eating healthy is essential not just for your lashes, but for your body as well! Because your lashes are made of a protein called keratin, you have to make sure you either eat a good balance of protein-based foods or take protein supplements. In order to maintain healthy hair growth, we have to have a healthy and stable amount of iron. For me, this is my trouble because I am anemic and my iron levels tend to be low, so this is probably why my eyelashes are short. Argh, but you have to make sure to get a healthy amount of all your vitamins and minerals including omega-3 fatty acids, silica, zinc, vitamins A, C, E, and B along with inositol. It will be incredibly beneficial in more than just one way, I promise!

You have to let your lashes breathe every once in a while! Just like our face needs a break from make up or our hair needs a break from heat, our lashes need a break from mascara and eyeliner. If you enjoy where mascara, you can take it off right after you get home so your lashes can breathe for the night! You don’t have to give up the make up, just lessen it up or go a day or two without it just to help it grow. (But then again, I rarely ever where mascara and my eyelashes are still short…maybe it is genetics…)

Applying olive oil to your eyelashes before bed can be beneficial, according to LIVESTRONG.COM. All you have to do is either dip a clean mascara brush into olive oil and apply it to your eyelashes or rubbing olive oil between your finger and thumb and apply. Be sure to remove the oil as soon as you wake up either by gentle soap and water or eye make up remover. If you don’t, you may get dirt and other gross things on your eyelashes. You can do the same thing with petroleum jelly or castor oil, but olive oil seems to be the preferred method.

I tried looking for more simply and natural ways to lengthen your lashes, but olive oil seems to be the popular method! I do know that there is a relatively new drug called “Latisse” that is supposed to lengthen your lashes, but quite honestly the side effects are bit too much for me (especially the “may change the color of your iris” side effect).

Well I hope you enjoyed today’s post and will find it helpful in the future! If you had any suggestions as to what has helped you with your eyelashes in the past, PLEASE SHARE! I love to hear what you all do! 🙂 Anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Be safe and take care~!

Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


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