Taylor Rae’s Fall Fashion Inspiration!

Hello everyone. I don’t know about you all, but I love the fall. It is no longer the season of ridiculous heat and it is not yet the season of blistering cold winds. It is PERFECT. And perfect for clothes and fashion. Something about layering up is just so appealing to me. I LOVE IT. I absolutely do. I love sweaters and hoodies and oh my gosh! So, here is a post on what I am going to use for my Fall Fashion Inspiration~!

I have always loved the look of sweaters! They are so comfy, casual, and most of all…CUTE! Especially if they are oversized!! I tend to buy my sweaters/hoodies in a large or even extra large because I love have oversized sleeves and it adds to the comfort. What I also love about sweaters is that they can have litte cute add-ons such as the zipped pockets featured in the picture. So adorable and simple~!

If you have the DIY experience and talent to do such a thing, I give you all the kudos! For some reason, I have always been fascinated with clothing that had the craziest cut-outs. The picture above features a cut-out of a skull face and there is even cloth to hide the holes from showing a little too much.  Unfortunately, I don’t have such talent and finding something like that here in Virginia is darn near impossible. But, I’m sure YesStyle has something to work with! But it’s just another cute way to show your personality!

I absolutely adore these kinds of coordinations! Especially for the fall. Dark yellows are always a plus along with jewel colors such a emerald green! Another thing that are a plus are shorts with tights. Why? Because fall weather is a little chilly but if you enjoy shorts, just pair it off with some tights are you will be perfect fine. Especially shorts with scalloped bottoms, they really give off a cute, elegant accent! I am hoping to give this coordination a try for mine & Anthony’s anniversary! It is perfect for a romantic evening~! (Plus I love blazers…)

So, this is something I’ve been wanting to do with Anthony for a while, but once again, being in Virginia it is hard to find stuff for the both of us…that match. I’ve looked online for cute couples t-shirts, but to only be disappointed with bad reviews about cheap material. BUT I WILL NOT STOP! I have found a site where I have previously ordered from for mine and Anthony’s anniversary last year and I was really thrilled with them. They just so happen to carry t-shirts as well…and they are perfect for us because we’re nerds and they have a super mario shirt and a spiderman shirt. And they’re cute! I believe the website is BoldLoft.Com! They carry matching pillow cases (which is what I got for me & Anthony), matching cups and mugs, and shirts! So I may just order through them. But, as I was saying earlier…I really want to do a matching coord with him because I think it would be freakin’ awesome and we are hoping to have a photoshoot done together and I think it would be perfect. But! Who knows~?

I don’t know about you all, but printed tights are so amazingly cute. They add a bit of flare to any outfit making it stand out just a bit more! Whether it be city skylines or hearts! They add a cute touch without being too much.  The ones in the picture are so beautiful! I am currently on the hunt for them and soon I want to purchase the ASOS heart suspender tights for my trip to Charleston! So if you know where to find these…I beg of you to let me know. Pretty please.

Something I have been dying to do recently with my blouses in bling out the collars. It has been sparking as a trend and quite frankly, I am JEALOUS. I do know that there are, fortunately, videos on YouTube that teach you how to put some sparkle onto your collars! So, I think I am going to try them out and see how far I go, because they are positively gorgeous and give a blouse the right amount of bling! I think it gives off a romantic elegance!

And with that I leave you with my video of the week:

Lindy from Bubzbeauty shows off her favorite back to school / everyday outfits for fall! I think it was pretty perfect for his post and gives you some more information on how to pair up outfits!

With that said, thanks everyone for the love and support with the recent opening of my site! I am excited to see how far we can go! So keep telling people about SimplyTaylorRae and keep on reading for more and more information in the future!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae

P.S. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instgram, and Youtube @ TaylorRae319 and Tumblr at SimplyTaylorRae! Also, follow Lindy on Twitter @ Bubzbeauty!


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