Welcome to Simply Taylor Rae~!

OH MY GOSH! It is finally here! After months of getting things together and gathering inspiration and trying to fit everything in with a busy work schedule, SimplyTaylorRae.Com is ready!

I would love to welcome you all to my dream come true! SimplyTaylorRae.Com. The creation of this site is to celebrate the one year anniversary of my previous blog, TaylorRae.Co, which will be inactive from this day forward. Simply Taylor Rae is going to include a bit more then just health and beauty tips. We are going to expand to fashion, travel, advice, and hauls and ever more. The more we cover, the more we can serve you all!  I hope this blog is fun, interesting, and helpful! With that said, I will be trying to get sponsors so that we can host giveaways and such! Also, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel which is under the name “TaylorRae319”! That is where you will be able to find singing videos, hauls, travel videos and everything else I decide to film. All videos will be posted on here as well! I am incredibly excited to begin a new chapter! Thank you all so much for your love and support!!

I guess since we are starting a new, I should introduce myself?

My name is Taylor Rae! No, Rae is not my last name! I am 19 years old and I live in the Northern Virginia area in the good ol’ US of A. I have a great job and I am just your average college student interested in language studies. I love to be adventerous, especially when it comes to food and traveling. My hobbies include singing, taking pictures and videos, and going shopping and eating! I have this wierd addiction to anything Disney. So, don’t be frightened when anything Disney appears out of the blue! I love to support other bloggers and youtubers, so if you have anything or know anyone that has great videos, feel free to let me know! I do have a boyfriend who helps me with the blog and appears quite often in photos and videos. His name is Anthony, by the way…Hmmm, what else should you all know? Oh! UPCOMING EVENTS? Actually, the only event I can think of is mine and Anthony’s trip to Charleston, South Carolina in December for our anniversary which we will film for you all! Why? Because Charleston holds a special place in my heart…since I was born there, har har har.

Anyways, thank you all again for your support and I hope you all will spread the word of the new website! If you want to get to know me more, follow me on the following sites:

Twitter – @TaylorRae319
Instagram – TaylorRae319
Tumblr – SimplyTaylorRae
YouTube – TaylorRae319

I also have added a contact page for those who would like to request anything or if you would like to get your product to be sponsored for an advertorial or a review! I would love to help out businesses that are just starting out and beyond!

I hope you all have an amazing week and thanks for reading!
With love,
Taylor Rae


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